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At Bounce Kids, we are committed to respecting your rights and providing the best possible service for you. Your rights include:

  • You are safe
  • You are treated with respect
  • You can be part of your cultural community
  • You can participate in your religion
  • You can express your sexuality
  • You can communicate in your family’s language
  • You can make complaints
  • You can make your own decisions
  • You can say you want to go to another provider

You are the expert on you/your child. You can tell us what you want and when you want it. You can tell us what type of worker you want. You can tell us how you want things done. We will always do our best to work with you to meet your needs and follow your instructions. We will talk with you if we aren’t able to follow your instructions or meet your needs so you can make an informed decision about the supports you are accessing.

We commit to treating you and your family members with respect. You and your family/friends agree to treat us and our employees with respect as well. We reserve the right to refuse admission or ask you to leave our premises, or for our team members to leave the appointment location (e.g., your home / somewhere in the community), if you or anyone attending appointments with you behaves in a way that is likely to cause damage, nuisance, offence or injury. Abusive, aggressive or threatening behaviour, including damage to property or belongings, may be reported to the police.

Homework is an essential component of all therapeutic interventions.

Homework aids in therapy progress as it allows your child to practice skills learnt in their sessions and use them regularly in their day-to-day life, aiding in the generalisation of these skills. Time spent in direct intervention with your practitioner is relatively small compared to the entire week.

Therefore, it is recommended that homework be done daily and should be facilitated/monitored by the parent/career when possible to ensure that the child is completing homework accurately and practicing the skills

Homework will be assigned during the session and will be reviewed in the following session. Feedback from parents is greatly valued and helps the practitioner modify the support required during the session and in follow up homework.

Consistent failure to complete or attempt homework tasks may lead to the cancellation of the services. By signing this document, you agree to encourage your child to attempt and complete homework throughout the week and
will provide your practitioner with feedback regarding your child’s ability to complete homework tasks.

Please be advised that throughout the process of intervention, your child may be photographed or videoed to
demonstrate their progress. With your consent, the photo/video may be reproduced and released for use on
promotional materials such as pamphlets or our website and social media platforms such as Instagram and

Our current social media platforms that we use as a business are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter

You’ll have the option to say yes or no when signing our hardcopy social media policy form.

Bounce Kids is a service provider for children. We are committed to providing safe, supportive services to our clients and understand that the children we provide services to will sometimes come from separated families. We
have created this document to assist separated parents in understanding their rights and limitations when participating in therapy for their child.

Bounce Kids requires the consent of parents to provide services to a child under the age of 18 in most circumstances. Exceptions are made case-by-case and assessed in both a legal and ethical framework. We will request a copy of any Family Court Orders prior to providing services. Please note that we do not provide reports or letters for custody matters in court.

It is the expectation of Bounce Kids that parents of the child will respectfully and cooperatively collaborate to support their child’s engagement in therapy, in interest of supporting the best possible treatment outcome. We
encourage decisions relating to the child’s treatment to be made jointly.

Bounce Kids does not accept responsibility for keeping each parent availed of information relating to appointments, payment, or treatment for their child. We encourage active communication between parents to ensure agreement relating to administrative matters, such as appointment bookings or payment. In addition to attending their child’s appointments, each parent may book parent-only appointments to provide information regarding their child’s needs, to seek advice on how to support their child, or to request feedback on their child’s treatment progress. Any email correspondence about your child’s therapy will be sent to both parents to
maintain consistent communication.

If anything changes in your family situation during treatment, it is your responsibility to update the treating clinicians.

Background and Purpose
At Bounce Kids, our goal is to provide high quality therapy services for you and your family. We ensure that we:

  • Prepare for each of our appointments thoroughly; and
  • Limit the number of clients we see each day to ensure we are providing a quality service to each of our clients.

If you book an appointment with us and do not attend or if you contact us to cancel an appointment with less than two working days’ notice, the following may occur:
1. We lose the time we have spent preparing for your appointment – time we otherwise could have spent assisting another client.
2. We may not have enough time to reschedule another client for your appointment time which reduces the total number of clients we can assist on that day.
3. We lose income which makes it more difficult for us to invest adequately in our staff and resources.

We offer consultations in our clinic, at local schools, at client homes and via Telehealth. These policies and procedures apply to all appointments, regardless of location or style of service delivery.

As we understand the importance of consistency and regularity of appointments for your family, we aim to achieve this by scheduling your appointments for your child during the public-school term, at the beginning of each school term. We allocate this time to your family and will not give it to anyone else (until your therapy is complete or until you tell us otherwise).

Attendance Policy
Cancellations and late arrivals interrupt the progress of therapy and reduce the effectiveness of treatment; therefore, an 80% attendance rate across the school term is required. Your attendance rate is not affected by public holidays, school holidays or cancellations initiated by the therapist. (For example, if your child is booked for 10 therapy sessions during the term you will be required to attend a minimum of 8 sessions to maintain 80% attendance).

We understand that this may not always be possible and therefore we allow one session throughout the term to be rescheduled to a suitable time during the school holidays following ongoing term sessions. This session must be paid for and booked at the time of the cancellation and unfortunately will not be able to be rescheduled again.

  • A friendly reminder that this is not a penalty / deterrent but simply necessary to ensure we can operate fully and continue to provide services.

Cancellation Policy
Bounce Kids has a strict cancellation and ‘no show’ policy. Your appointment time is a contract for exclusive use of our therapist’s time. Late cancellation and ‘no show’ fees are enforced to help cover the time your therapist has dedicated for your child’s appointment and session preparation.

PLEASE NOTE: Late cancellation and ‘no show’ fees CANNOT be billed to your Health Fund or Medicare.

To avoid paying a cancellation fee you will need to advise us as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule your child’s session appointment. You can contact us on Ph. (02) 4648 1669 or email us at spot@bouncebackphysio.com.au.

Last minute cancellations can occur for many reasons including illness, an accident, power outage or extreme weather event. These situations are stressful and challenging for everyone involved and we understand that these instances are more often than not unavoidable. We do our best to be understanding and try to give our clients as many options to make use of the time set aside for their appointment as possible.

These options include:

  • Live Telehealth therapy session
  • Parent session
  • Resource Pack
  • Indirect therapy

A cancellation fee will be charged when your appointment is:

  • Cancelled less than 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment via email or phone.
    (Business hours 8.00am-7pm Mon-Fri & 7:30am-1:30pm Sat)
  • You cancel on the day of your scheduled appointment session via email or phone or
  • You miss your appointment without notifying Bounce Kids
  • You cancel when 80% attendance is not maintained.

This cancellation fee will be charged regardless of the reason. This fee will be included on your next scheduled follow up appointment with your therapist.

All future appointments will be cancelled until all amounts owing are PAID IN FULL.

  • A friendly reminder that this is not a penalty / deterrent but simply necessary to ensure
    we can operate fully and continue to provide services.

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