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Speech Pathology

Our Speech Pathologist can help your child with the following:


Language is how we express ourselves and how we understand the language of others. Language covers a wide range of skills, including understanding questions and following instructions, using appropriate sentence structure and grammar and having age-appropriate vocabulary.


Speech refers to the ability to produce speech sounds accurately. As children grow, they usually increase the number of speech sounds they can produce and therefore are more easily understood by others. Children that continue to have difficulties producing speech can find it difficult to interact with their peers.


Stuttering is a speech disorder that is characterized by repeated sounds, syllables, or words. Stuttering can also include sound prolongations and ‘blocks’. Stuttering impacts a child’s fluency, making it more difficult for them to express themselves.

Literacy skills

Literacy skills include the foundational skills of phonological awareness that enable children to be proficient readers and writers. These skills include letter sound awareness, rhyme, segmenting and blending of sounds and the ability to manipulate sounds in words.

Social skills

Social skills refer to the skills we use day to day in our interactions. They consist of verbal and non-verbal skills such as speech, gestures, eye contact, turn-taking, facial expressions, and body language.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

 Not all children are able to communicate verbally. Speech Pathologists can help families identify other forms of communication to allow their children to communicate with others. This can be through keyword signs, communication boards, picture exchange communication (PECS), or high-tech devices.

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